4 Most Common Sports Medicine Injuries

Anyone can experience a sports injury, from a seasoned athlete to a weekend warrior who plays touch football, a casual jogger or a secretary-turned-pitcher on the company’s softball team. Although there are dozens of ways you can hurt yourself while engaging in sports, here are the five most common sports medicine injuries.

Knee Injury

The knees take a beating in most sports, from running to football, bicycling, basketball, bowling and jazzercise. Problems with the knee make up more than half of all sports injuries. To help prevent knee injuries, be sure to wear the right shoe for your chosen sport and replace the shoes when they become worn. Lightweight training to strengthen your quadriceps can help.

Shoulder Injury

If your sport involves lots of overhead motions such as tennis or volleyball, then you could experience a shoulder injury. About one in five sports injuries affect the muscles and tendons (rotator cuff) that stabilize the shoulder. Lightweight training can help strengthen that area to ward off injury.

Ankle Sprains

Sports that include running, turning quickly or jumping, places you at greater risk for an ankle sprain that may even tear a ligament or tendon. You can tape your ankles or practice ankle strengthening exercises to help prevent this sports injury.

Pulled Muscles

“Must have pulled a muscle” is a commonly heard complaint among participants in many sports. Hamstrings and calf muscles are generally the muscles most affected. When muscles are fatigued or weak, if you fail to warm up before exercising or if you lack flexibility, you are more likely to experience a pulled muscle. The best prevention is adequate warm up prior to sports participation and to rest before your muscles are overworked.