How to Avoid Lower Back Pain

In the United States, back pain is the fifth most common reason for a person to visit the doctor. While pain medication might treat the symptoms, the best thing to do is try and avoid causing the pain altogether. Many don’t realize that making a few simple adjustments to their daily habits may lessen or eliminate their pain entirely.


It might seem natural to rest your back when you feel pain. While rest may help temporarily, the best cure for pain is exercise. Physical activity can help decrease inflammation and lessen muscle tension. Exercise will keep you keep your back joints lubricated, loose and pain free.

The best exercises for your back are low impact workouts. Walking, cycling, swimming, or yoga are great exercises that will keep you pain free. Avoid running, jumping rope or any other high impact workout.

Watch Your Posture

While it may be nice to get comfy and sit all day at work, slouching and sitting all day may be destroying your back. Find a chair that supports your spine and promotes good posture. This will decrease the amount of stress you put on your back, reducing back pain.

If possible, switch to a standing desk. Standing will not only do wonders for your back, it is a great way to promote overall health.

Be Careful Lifting

Lifting heavy objects can lead to back pain or even a trip to the hospital so it’s extremely important to use proper lifting techniques. Always bend your knees and squat, and then lift the object from your legs. Keep the object close to body while standing up. Never lift from your back, and don’t bend over from the waist to pick up a heavy object. Also, always push an object rather than pull, as this is easier on your back.

Sleep the Right Way

The way you sleep may be causing your back pain. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for your back. One position that may help your back is sleeping on your side with your knees pulled towards you. For those who prefer sleeping on their back, try placing pillows under your knees and lower back for extra support.

If you just have to sleep on your stomach, be sure to do it the right way. Place a pillow under your hips to take pressure off your back.


Carrying around a few extra pounds often causes back pain. Having extra weight in your midsection may strain your back muscles. Staying within ten pounds of your ideal weight is a good way of taking stress off your back, and keeping you pain free.

When living with back pain, you feel limited. Things that you used to love doing become difficult and it seems as though you are missing out on living the life you truly want. Don’t let pain control your life! Visit Coastal Orthopedics today and find out how our caring physicians can help you make the changes to end your pain.