What Are the Benefits of Doing Outpatient Surgery?

In the past, many surgical procedures were done in a hospital setting because it was the only facility available that had the talent and the tools to correctly complete the procedures. Today, many surgical procedures that do not require an overnight stay for observation are done in an outpatient surgery center instead. Outpatient surgery centers are required to comply with many of the same standards, constraints and requirements as inpatient hospital operating rooms. Here are some of the benefits associated with having an orthopedic surgical procedure done at an outpatient surgery center.

Less Expensive

Having your orthopedic surgical procedure done at an outpatient surgery center is significantly less expensive than having the same procedure done at a hospital. Hospital room charges and related costs are a substantial portion of the bill for a surgical procedure. Eliminating these costs considerably reduces the amount charged to your insurance company or paid for out of pocket.

Works Around Your Schedule

Most people find it easier to schedule their orthopedic surgical procedures for a convenient time at outpatient surgery centers than at large hospital complexes, where emergency surgeries and procedures that take longer than expected can delay surgeries scheduled for the day. Coastal Orthopedics offers two locations that provide same-day surgery using the latest in cutting-edge medical equipment and surgical devices. The Surgery Center at Pointe West is located at 6015 Pointe West Blvd. in Bradenton, Florida and The East Surgery Center is located at 1917 Worth Court in Bradenton.

More Comfortable

One of the biggest benefits of electing to have your orthopedic surgery at our outpatient surgery center is the comfort level that can be realized. Outpatient surgery is generally less stressful that inpatient surgery and the convenience of recovering in your home can make recovery much easier for both you and your family. Children that are frightened of spending nights away from home can recover for a few hours at the surgery center and then head home for a good night’s sleep, which can be priceless for a worried parent.

If you would like to learn more about the orthopedic surgical procedures available at our outpatient surgery centers, please contact us at Coastal Orthopedics and one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.