How to Choose the Right Shoes

How to Choose the Right Shoes

Knowing how to choose the right shoes has never been more important than it is now: As the popularity of online shopping has taken the world by storm, many adults are purchasing shoes that are not fitted properly. Women, in particular, choose footwear primarily based on its appearance rather than proper fit and comfort. This leads to their feet conforming to the shape of the shoe; a problem that often requires surgery in order to mitigate.

There are numerous deformities that develop as a result of wearing shoes that are too tight or have an excessively small toe box, including corns, bunions, ingrown toenails, hammertoe, crossover toe and much more. Fortunately, you can avoid all of these problem by following a few simple rules every time you look for a new pair of shoes, as follows:

  • Have a salesperson measure the length and width of each foot – the measurements can be vastly different!
  • Ensure that your toes do not feel cramped, i.e., no toe is pushed over another.
  • A proper shoe should bend in the toe box, while its arch must be stable to provide support.
  • A proper toe box is square or round, and should be deep in order to accommodate the natural shape of your foot.
  • Shoes with laces, buckles, or straps provide more support for your arch.
  • Removable insoles allow for an orthotic or custom insole to be added if required.
  • The “break-in period” is a myth – a shoe that does not fit at the outset is virtually guaranteed to cause damage to your feet.

The next time you are purchasing shoes that would be a hassle to return if they do not fit properly, ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?”

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