Coastal Orthopedics Patient Hits Two Hole – In – Ones In Seven Days

For those who golf, two holes in one hit in the same week is a distant goal many hope to achieve. This is something most pros do not accomplish in their career least of all amateur golfers. Imagine Tony Sciame’s surprise when he got two holes in one in seven days at Tara Golf Course in Bradenton, FL. “The odds of a pro getting a hole in one is 3,000 – 1 and the odds for the average golfer is 12,000 to 1. I would think the odds would have been even greater for me!” Sciame stated. When asked how he thought he had achieved such a feat, Sciame mentioned that the “golf gods must have been out that day.” He also mentioned that he tries to keep himself in the best shape possible for a man of his age; Tony Sciame is 85 years old.

Most wouldn’t think that Sciame’s accomplishment would be possible for anyone in his age group. But what many don’t realize is that it really is true that if you use it, you don’t lose it! How can men stay physically fit enough to continue to play golf into their 80’s let alone get a hole in one?  The doctors at Coastal Orthopedics suggest a multitude of exercises to stay healthy.


Should Men Really Exercise Every Week?

The answer is yes! Heart disease is the leading killer of American men, followed by stroke, and falls/injuries – regular exercise can help strengthen your body’s defense against all of the above. Physical activity also can slow down aging in men.  University of Texas Southwestern Medical School conducted an exercise study on a group of 20-year-olds, they brought back the same group of men when they were 50 years old and put them on an exercise regimen for 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, they had lost approximately 10 lbs each, but their resting heart rates, blood pressures, and their heart’s maximum pumping abilities were back to their baseline level from when they were 20. The exercise training reversed 100% of the 30-year age-related decline in aerobic power.


Types of Exercises:

Tony Sciame stated that he exercised for three hours a day three days a week. He did all of the physical activity most doctors would recommend.

  1. Flexibility training – stretching is a great way to warm up or cool down from exercises. Sciame stretches every day before he starts his day, even if he isn’t going to the gym. He also stretches after a day on the course or at the gym.
  2. Endurance exercise – is best known to support cardiovascular function, but can also do a multitude of other things. Examples include:
    1. Decreasing resting heart rate
    2. Increasing Maximum blood pumping capacity
    3. Decreasing blood vessel and heart muscle stiffness
    4. Decreasing blood pressure
    5. Increasing Calcium content and strength of bones
    6. Increasing metabolic rate and HDL (“good”) cholesterol
    7. Decreasing body fat, insulin levels, blood sugar, and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
    8. Increasing quality of sleep while lowering risk of depression and memory lapses

Sciame uses an elliptical trainer, treadmill, and rower every day in the gym for an hour before moving onto resistance training. Men do not have to do cardio for an hour to see and feel benefits 20-30 minutes a day can also help with all of the levels listed above.

  1. Resistance exercise – using light weights or exercise machines will improve muscle mass and strength while preserving bone calcium.

You don’t have to go to the gym to add these exercises to your weekly routine. Stretching at home is something most anyone can do, even while watching television! The team at Coastal Orthopedics Physical Therapy is happy to help our patients discover which exercises and stretches work for them.


Important: Do Not Over Do! 

Tony Sciame is one of those people who will do anything he sets his mind to. Until recently he was climbing trees to cut the branches at the top and getting up on ladders alone to clean out the eaves troughs on his house and assisting neighbors with the same task. (don’t try this at home kids!) He was also exercising three hours a day three days a week and playing golf on the days in between (sometimes even exercising after playing golf.) This caused him to start having shoulder pain. He kept pushing it at the gym and on the course expecting the pain to disappear. But it never did.

A few weeks later he was referred to Coastal Orthopedics’ Dr. Kumar by his primary care physician. Dr. Kumar ran a few tests and discovered that Sciame had injured his shoulder with too much exercise. Dr. Kumar was able to treat the injury with a steroid shot helping Sciame walk out of the office pain-free. He also set Sciame up with physical therapy so help him strengthen his shoulder without causing further damage.

Dr. Kumar suggests that men in this age group exercise weekly, but suggests that they do it lightly as to not injure themselves because exercise might help slow the effects of aging but will not stop them completely. He states, “If you feel pain, do not push through. It is important to build rest into your exercise program.”


Source: Exercise and Aging: Can You Walk Away from Father Time – Harvard Health