Coastal Orthopedics’ physical therapy assistant helps strengthen Bradenton resident to golden form

Fran Stock pushed her initial skepticism aside. Just four months after completing her first physical therapy session, she has recaptured her golf swing — one that now has a gold medal-winning feel.

With the help and supportive care of Coastal Orthopedics’ physical therapist
Marne Salinas and physical therapy assistant Shari White, Fran was able to strengthen her right shoulder, which had been diagnosed with 80 – 90 percent full-thickness rotator cuff tear. Her recovery came in time to compete in the 2019 National Senior Games June 14-25 in Albuquerque, N.M., where she won a gold medal in golf in the women’s 75 – 79 age group.

It was Fran’s first time attending the games. Had it not been for Shari and her willingness to work with Fran and push her to keep going, she probably wouldn’t have been able to compete.

“I didn’t think it would work,” says Fran. “I thought it might help a little, but I didn’t expect it to help the way that it would. I’m really almost pain-free. It’s amazing. I swear by the therapy. It was wonderful. Shari was just phenomenal.”

Through a series of stretches and exercises geared toward Fran’s golf game, Shari was able to help her get to a point where she wasn’t living in constant pain. Not only was Fran able to make it to the National Senior Games, but she was able to make it through three 18-hole rounds en route to a first-place finish.

“I had a tremendous amount of relief through having the physical therapy,” says Fran. “I just think Shari was amazing. She listened to me. She was thinking in between our sessions of things to help me get to the next step. I thought she did a fantastic job.”

Fran began having problems with her shoulder in November 2018. After two cortisone shots failed to alleviate the problem, she had an MRI, which confirmed the tear. She was told she would need to have surgery, but with plans to head north for the summer and the National Senior Games on the horizon, Fran was willing to do everything she could to delay it.

Quickly running out of options, Fran decided to try physical therapy. She began seeing Shari in February and the two worked together to strengthen Fran’s shoulder until she returned to Illinois in mid-May.

Fran continues to do the exercises that Shari gave her, which include a little bit of stretching and pulling on exercise bands to continue to help strengthen the muscle. The process takes just five minutes a day, but for Fran, it’s been instrumental in allowing her to play golf three days a week while keeping surgery off the table for now.

“It was hard, and she pushed me. She really did,” says Fran. “By the time we were done, these very few things that we do are maintaining what she developed. The pushing that she did was hard to do, but I got a lot of strength back. I’ve been able to maintain it through just a few exercises. I’m not big on exercise, so for it to take me five minutes — it’s just so simple and so amazing.”

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