Coastal Orthopedics Physicians help patients not just locally but internationally

Six months to a year is a long time to wait when you’re in pain. That’s why Lorne Heise decided to come to Coastal Orthopedics when he started having issues with his knee. Lorne is from Canada and had heard stories of friends having joint problems in the past and having to wait months and sometimes even years before they were taken care of. Frequently they had expressed that they did not even know who would be operating on them until the day of their surgery. Luckily, a friend of Lorne’s suggested he see Dr. Arthur Valadie while down here on vacation. He has been seeing Dr. Valadie on and off for a number of years and has been quite happy with his outcome.

When it was brought to Lorne’s attention that he needed a knee replacement Lorne knew what he had to do.  “The new knee was inevitable and I had decided, at that time, I was going to pay and have it done at Coastal Orthopedics rather than yield to the fright of Canadian social medicine.” Lorne states that “As a successful entrepreneur, inventor and businessman of many years, I have made many decisions some of which have been better than others. This one was one of the best I have ever made.” 

Lorne was surprised to have his surgery done at one of our Ambulatory Surgery Centers which is located within the Pointe West clinic. He expressed that he felt the surgery center had given him “phenomenal care” and was very happy to be out of surgery and in his own home by 3:30 pm that afternoon. He continued onto physical therapy the next morning and states “they kicked me out after four sessions, I was able to walk and go up and down the stairs!”

It has since been 8 weeks since Lorne’s surgery and he is feeling great and has expressed that he will be “forever grateful for what Dr. Valadie has done” for him, and that “the long awaited walk on the beach with my wife of 40 years is coming soon.”

We here at Coastal Orthopedics always strive to give the best care and help our patients feel the best they can! We agree with Loren when he states “at the end of the day, when you contribute in helping others. It is something very special.”

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