Common Hip Disorders That Could be Causing You Pain

When your mobility is limited, it can feel as though your whole life has been put on pause. Suddenly, the everyday activities you once took for granted become a challenge and even the simplest of tasks are now a struggle.

While hip pain may seem daunting, there is hope. The first step to overcoming your pain is finding its cause. This is the key to determining the right plan for your recovery. Here are three of the top causes of hip pain that you may be suffering from:


Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic hip pain, particularly in older women. Over time, the cartilage in the ball-and-socket joint in your hip wears down. Suddenly, the bones are rubbing together, causing immense pain.

The pain is not always isolated to the hip. Those with hip arthritis may experience pain in their thighs, buttocks, groin or even knees. For some, the pain may be just a dull ache while others experience excruciating pain, which make it difficult or impossible to walk.


When bones are weakened, they become prone to fractures, especially in the hip. A simple fall or accident can suddenly leave you with a very serious and very painful hip fracture.

Most individuals with a hip fracture will require some type of surgery, followed by physical therapy. If you have recently experienced trauma and believe that you have fractured your hip, seek medical attention at once. Untreated, a fractured hip can lead to life-threatening complications.

Tendonitis and Bursitis

Your hip has many tendons that connect the muscles with the joint, allowing for a full range of movement. However, when these tendons become inflamed, it can lead to tendonitis or bursitis.

These conditions are most common in athletes, but can occur in anyone who overuses his or her tendons. They can occur from training incorrectly, working out excessively and too fast, or from repetitive movements.

Don’t Let Hip Pain Hold You Back

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