Dr. Sara Simmons Featured in West Coast Women’s Magazine

Have you picked up your copy of West Coast Women’s Magazine yet? If so, you may have seen a familiar face on the front cover. Coastal Orthopedics’ Hand and Wrist Specialist, Dr. Sara Simmons, was selected to be the front-page feature of this month’s edition with a focus on healthcare.

West Coast Women’s magazine has been published monthly for 31 years and is free at locations in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. It is very much community focused and offers a variety of content about community events as well as travel, food, books, and health. Every October they release an issue with an emphasis on women’s health and healthcare in general. When they learned about Dr. Simmons and her multi-dimensional abilities, they decided she was the best choice for the main feature of the 2019 healthcare edition.

The article, written by Carol Darling, elaborates on Dr. Simmons’ unique journey to becoming a physician and her diverse and interesting accomplishments achieved before even starting medical school. Darling notes quite a few facts that those who have seen Dr. Simmons might not be aware of. For example, Dr. Simmons was a three-time member of the US National Rowing Team. Being part of this team allowed her to travel all over the world and become a Gold Medalist at the U.S. Olympic Festival in 1995. There are many other interesting facts to learn from this feature as well including her unique experience in medical school and how different it was to be a woman studying orthopedics.

Dr. Simmons’ feature in West Coast Women’s Magazine also includes two great quotes from her father Dr. Barry P. Simmons, and Coastal Orthopedics Physician President, Dr. Arthur Valadie who discuss her positive energy, and multi-dimensional talents.

Want to learn more about Dr. Sara Simmons? You can pick up a copy of West Coast Women’s Magazine at your local supermarket or visit her profile here.

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