What Exercises Are Good for Hip Arthritis?

Those living with osteoarthritis in their hip know the daily struggle of dealing with their pain. Activities you once loved may seem unthinkable and you feel as if you are missing out on your life. While the stiffness, spurs and pain might make exercise seem impossible, this is actually one of the best ways to manage your symptoms. Regularly working out your hip is a great way to decrease your pain and increase your range of motion.

What to Avoid

The number one thing you need to avoid while exercising with hip arthritis is high-impact activities. This can cause your arthritis to worsen over time and even lead to more serious injuries. Hip health will decay over time and your arthritis symptoms will increase.

A high-impact activity is any exercise where both feet leave the ground at the same time. Jump rope and running are two of the most common high-impact activities, but there are many different kinds. Having both feet off the ground adds stress to your knees and hip, worsening your symptoms. Stick to low impact exercises, such as walking and swimming, when dealing with hip arthritis.

Lots of Cardio

Cardio exercises are great not only for your arthritis pain, but overall health. It’s important to not put too much stress on your hip while doing cardio, and stick to low-impact exercises. Here are some great, low-impact cardio exercises and activities to help with your hip:

  • Elliptical
  • Stationary bike
  • Swimming
  • Tai Chi
  • Golf (bonus points for skipping the golf cart!)
  • Speed Walking
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Kayaking

Strengthen Your Muscles

Strong muscles will not only improve your balance, but take much needed pressure off your arthritic hip joints. However, it is important to be careful with your hip so do not perform muscle strengthening exercises more than twice a week. Here are just a few of the best exercises that we recommend to relieve your pain:

  • Hamstring stretch
  • Side leg raise
  • Bridges
  • Standing hip extension
  • Straight leg raise

Increase Range of Motion

Those suffering with arthritis pain know that lack of mobility can be almost as bad as the pain. Increasing your range of motion will help you regain control of your life and reduce your pain and stiffness. Try some of these exercises to improve your flexibility:

  • Hip and lower back stretch
  • Double hip rotation
  • Front to back leg swings
  • Standing squats
  • Inner leg stretch

The main thing to remember when exercising is to always listen to your body. If you feel any increased pain or stiffness stop at once as you might be over exerting yourself. The best way to exercise is by gradually increasing your activity during the day and walking whenever you can.

For more information on treating hip arthritis, speak with an experienced physician at Coastal Orthopedics today. They will be more than happy to discuss all treatment options and help you customize a low-impact exercise routine that will work best for your arthritis.