David V. Cashen, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

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    David V. Cashen, M.D.

    Orthopedic Surgeon, Joint Replacement Specialist


    Orthopedic Surgeon


    Joint Replacement Specialist
    Regenerative Medicine


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    Pointe West

    Coastal Center (SR 64)

    Lakewood Ranch

    Dr. David Cashen is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has 18 years of experience in joint replacement surgery. He has a special interest in hip and knee replacements, as well as complex revision surgery. Dr. Cashen is especially interested in arthritis care techniques including partial knee replacement (resurfacing), computer navigation, hip resurfacing, and minimally-invasive surgery. He completed two fellowships in joint replacement at both the world-renowned Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic in Virginia and Zimmer Arthroplasty in New Zealand.

    Dr. Cashen enjoys spending all of his free time with his wife and two young children.

    Dr. David Cashen Discusses the Marshall Steele Program


    Doctor of Medicine:
    Columbia University, New York City

    Harvard University

    Joint Replacement Fellowship at  Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute, Alexandria, VA

    Joint Replacement Fellowship at Middlemore Hospital, New Zealand

    Board Certification:
    American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

    Medical Director of the Orthopedic Spine and Joint Center – Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

    Clinical Teaching Physician for residency training program – Blake Medical center and Manatee Memorial Hospital

    HealthGrades Recognized DoctorHealthgrades Honor Roll

    Chief Resident – Harvard University

    Vitals Awards:

    • Compassionate Doctor Award – 5 Year Honoree (2016-2018)
    • On-Time Doctor Award (2016-2018)
    • Patients’ Choice Award (2012, 2013, 2015-2018)
    • Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2012 – 2018)

    Total Knee Procedures
    • Total Knee Replacement (Total Knee Arthroplasty)
    • Partial Knee Replacement (Unicompartmental Knee Replacement)
    • Computer Assisted Knee Replacement
    • Makoplasty (Robot Assisted Partial Knee Replacement)
    • Customized Patient Specific Knee Replacement (Visionaire)
    • Knee Arthroscopy Including Partial Meniscectomy
    • Knee Tendon Repairs
    • Revision Knee Replacement Surgery
    • Knee Infection Treatment
    Total Hip Procedures
    • Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery
    • Posterior Hip Replacement Surgery
    • Revision Hip Replacement Surgery
    • Makoplasty (Robot Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery)
    • Hip Tendon Repairs
    • Hip Infection Treatment
    Fracture Surgery
    • Hip Fracture Surgery (Partial Hip Replacement and Surgical Fixation)
    • Wrist Fracture Repair
    • Ankle Fracture Repair
    • Patellar (Kneecap) Fracture Repair
    • Forearm Fracture Repair
    • Leg (Tibia) Fracture Repair
    • General Fracture Repair

    I had been having some ortho-issues with my 13 yr old hip replacement, while up north. When arriving in Florida I wanted to schedule a get-acquainted visit at Coastal Ortho.( which was recommended to me), in the event of a real ortho emergency, landing me in ER at the mercy of some yahoo from the ortho pool. Just as I had been told up north, it was time for a revision. Every staff member that I encountered at the hosp told me how fortunate I was to “get” Dr. Cashen! The truth indeed! Kind, knowledgeable, but, one heck of a great surgeon! I am only 14 days post op, but, am certain that my years-long pain has been eradicated through the revision, by Dr. Cashen. Kudos to him!! If YOU are as lucky as I was, you may get in to see him too. Now I’m the one making the recommendation.

    Anonymous, RateMDs.com
    Dr. Cashen is very knowledgeable. He takes time to explain things and never made me feel I was taking too much of his time. I was very frightened by my fractures and Dr. Cashen did an excellent job of reassuring me.

    Anonymous, RateMDs.com
    I’m extremely impressed. The surgeons and all the nurses that took the very best care of me. You all freakin rock!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME YOUR VERY BEST. Wow!!! Lady with a brand new hip!

    Carolyn T., Google.com

    There is no other way to put it but the best of the best! When I first went to Dr. Cashen, I was facing amputation and the rest of my life in a wheelchair. Dr. Cashen put me back on two legs. But not only that, his entire staff are exceptional in their approach to patient care needs. Dr. Cashen, Camille Dupont, Hillary, and the entire staff I experienced are of top-notch quality and very pleasant. I had my other knee replaced in July and all is progressing as I expected it to. Also, the physical therapy program and staff are also very professional and attentive to the pt rehab success. Adam is just superb in his approach and satisfied all questions the patient may have. I can’t praise them enough. And a special thank you to Dr. Arthur Valadie, who made it all possible. They are the very best Orthopedics has to offer. Thank all of you!

    Ted W., Healthgrades.com

    I am a patient of Dr. David Cashen. On February 14th, 2019 I had a right hip replacement performed by Dr. Cashen at Blake Hospital. My experience with this exceptional surgeon is far above excellence. I felt I was his only patient, and my recovery I thought I was in a private facility. For rehab I was transported to Freedom Village for one week. I thought I was in a resort with my own personal nurses and physical therapists. Once home I was visited by Kindred Care for one week of home therapy by Bob Mace, very professional, kind, and thorough. After that I went to 6 weeks of physical therapy at Coastal Orthopedics on 64 with Addison, she was wonderful and a pleasure for me to come to therapy. This is August and I have a new lease on life and feel terrific all because of Dr. David Cashen.

    Beverly S.

    Dr. Cashen, Camille, Hillary, and the physical therapy staff were very professional and caring. I have had both knees replaced by Dr. Cashen and it is so good to be able to walk pain-free. I would highly recommend Dr. Cashen for knee replacement surgery. Thank you for the tremendous job you did for me!

    D. Grahm, Healthgrades.com

    In April, Dr. Cashen did a right knee replacement on me. The time leading up to the surgery was very well planned and I got all the information I needed for me to feel confident. The class before the surgery was excellent. The day of surgery went great and the service provided by the Medical Center was fantastic. I loved the care I got, starting therapy and getting three sessions before going hoe was great, and being able to order food when you wanted was a bonus. Having people available to talk to me after therapy made me feel well taken care of. Thanks for making this a pleasant experience. Will recommend to others!

    Anita D., Bradenton, FL

    Now it has been two years (05/20/17) since having TKR with a custom Conformis knee with Dr. David Cashen. I had 5 previous right knee surgeries from athletic injuries. And, I snow skied on five ski trips this year. At this point, I can’t tell the difference from my good original left knee and my replaced right knee. I am active and bike daily and was good with therapy. But, I am astounded with the results. It should be noted, there was a problem in my surgery as the custom jig from conformis that was supposed to give Dr. Cashen the exact computerized angles and specific spots to make the bone cuts couldn’t be properly attached for some unusual reason. It resulted in Dr. Cashen having to go to the computer to redesign the exact angles and bone cuts for an extra 1.5 hours of surgery. Well, apparently Dr. Cashen’t Harvard education, knowledge and experience allowed him to complete the task to perfection…again, I now do not even know I have a total knee replacement. I will say he was a bit short on bedside manner at times but made up for it in the success of my TKR. Thank you Dr. Cashen!

    JD F., Bradenton, FL

    After 5 surgeries at a VA facility, all that was left, I was told was atk amputation. Dr. Cashen agreed to do a second opinion. To keep the story short, Dr. Cashen did what he does. I agree with another review I read about the masterpiece. I am now bi pedal and walking enough to take care of everyday life as I know it. Including the gym on the elliptical and stationary bike enough to keep cardiac and general health in good shape. Thank you from my heart.

    Ted W., Google.com

    Coastal Orthopedics, Bradenton, is the place to go when you need a joint replacement. I would like to share my outstanding positive experience with you.

    Dr. David Cashen, his entire team and the physical therapy team are very professional and dedicated, super friendly, understanding, knowledgeable, approachable and know exactly what to do for a speedy recovery and at what point of it you are at all times.

    I could not have thought of a better place to have my hip replaced on 01/07. Two weeks later I could leave my walker at home, moving around with a cane and again one week later I was able to walk without it. After six weeks I got the OK for every movement again and  I was without any pain.

    I have my life back and this is due to the great surgeon Dr. Davi Cashen, his assistant surgeon Camille DuPont and the physical therapy team which made my recovery so successful. Thank you!!

    Marion A., Bradenton, FL

    I had my left hip replaced by Dr. Cashen. The Doctor, his PA, Camille DuPont and his assistant, Hillary were all a pleasure to deal with. Very professional, personable, and compassionate.

    B. Ward, Healthgrades.com

    Being a snowbird I had a choice to have my knee replaced either up north or in Florida. I chose Florida and I am so glad I did. Dr. Cashen did the surgery and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Cashen and anyone working with him have been so professional and pleasant. I could recommend them 100%.

    Caroline O., Healthgrades.com

    Every aspect of surgery explained. No surprises. Dr. Cashen was a master for both of my (TWO) total knee replacements. Due to osteoarthritis, both knees needed replacement; the 1st in August and the 2nd in December. I completed PT and followed directions. I can happily say it is ‘good to walk again’! Camille, the PA was excellent in her follow-through and Eddie, one of the techs did an excellent job in removing staples, and my incision scars are hardly noticeable. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

    Barbara M., Healthgrades.com

    I had my left hip replaced by Dr. Cashen. I highly recommend him and am completely satisfied with Dr.Cashen, the procedure, and the care I have received from him and his staff.

    Teresa, Healthgrades.com

    Dr. Cashen has both the personality and technical skills to take care of you. He replaced both my hips. I have nothing but praise for him and his team.

    Bob W., Healthgrades.com

    Was very impressed with Dr. Cashen and his team. He did two hip replacements on me and each went very, very well. I would highly recommend this doctor.

    Jason W., Google.com

    Dr. Cashen replaced both of my hips about 1 year ago and I am a new person. I went to him almost unable to walk with my hip pain and after both procedures, I was pain-free. Dr. Cashen and his staff are the best. They are not only knowledgeable but very kind and caring. Dr. Cashen always has a smile and is very easy to talk to.

    Alex D., Healthgrades.com

    Every aspect of surgery explained. No surprises.

    Barb M., Google

    I told Dr. Cashen that he was an artist and I am in possession of one of his most inspired masterpieces. I love my knee! I am 3 1/2 weeks post surgery and I still find myself gazing at my legs in admiration of the wrokmanship. I never expected that he could straighten my crooked leg, too. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Cashen’s extraordinary talent and expertise. The transformation is life changing and so much more than I expected.

    Joey S., Google.com

    Wonderful doctor.

    Anonymous, Vitals.com

    Dr. Cashen made it possible for me to resume my life – work and play – without pain just four weeks after hip replacement! After two weeks, I was able to move freely and after three weeks, I was able to walk over a mile and go up and down steps with ease. After three weeks, I had no pain period. Now, at four weeks, I am able to drive and do every activity I was not able to do before the surgery due to pain. I feel like I’m a walking miracle, thanks to Dr. Cashen. I am so grateful for the care and expertise he brings to his work. I appreciate him and give thanks to him for a life without pain. Thank you, Dr. Cashen, miracle worker!

    Joyce K., Palmetto

    Dr. Cashen was recommended by Dr. Valadie because of the extreme difficulty of my knee surgery. (Already had a plate). Dr. Cashen took a great deal of time studying the x-rays, over and over again then went over several different options for surgery. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the ENTIRE experience!! From the doctor to the staff and surgical center. EXCELLENT CARE!! I was back to work and umpiring in 5 weeks!! Amazing.

    Nick M., Bradenton

    Excellent surgeon..he has a special set of skilled surgeons hands…I was bedridden for a year, unable to do daily things…he took a chance with me doing bilateral hip surgery 3 months ago…that’s right, both hips same day! I woke up from surgery with no hip pain, and was free or surgery pain within days. Today, I’m working at rehab to be the best 72 yr old I can be…God gave Dr. Cashen the gift of surgical skills…..Dr.Cashen gave me the gift of life!! The best!!

    Carol C., Healthgrades.com

    I could barely walk when I first saw Dr. Cashen about my hip; I had extreme pain. He recommended hip replacement surgery, the anterior approach. He confidently explained that the procedure would be minimally invasive and that I would recover all my mobility. I was walking the afternoon after surgery. Within 2 weeks I had resumed almost all of my activities and within 8 weeks, I felt no limitations, have been very active, and have no pain. Dr. Cashen gave me my life back!!

    Pam, Parrish

    Thank you for my new hip Dr. Cashen, which I received February 15th, 2016! Took off in my RV for Alaska in April and am having the time of my life and feel amazing!

    William G.

    I am very pleased with Coastal Orthopedics. They were very helpful in my recovery from hip surgery. I had two hip replacements by Dr. David Cashen. Thanks for all your work in making me pain free.

    Toni W., Palmetto

    Dr. Cashen was very cordial, and fully explained options for my arthritic knee. He answered my questions patiently and completely. I could not have asked for a more satisfactory consultation.

    Jeanne, HealthGrades.com

    I was recommended to Dr. Cashen by a co-worker who had gone through knee replacement. From the moment Dr. Cashen walked into the examination room, I felt totally at ease with him. He had a big smile on his face when he came in and immediately shook my hand. He explained how I would be a candidate for bilateral replacements because my knees were in such bad shape. He really took away any fears I had about the surgery and I looked forward in anticipation for my surgery day.

    Nanette, HealthGrades.com

    Dr. Cashen is the best! I could hardly walk and had to use a cane before knee replacements. I now walk without a cane. Yeah!!!!!

    Leslie, Vitals.com

    Dr. Cashen was a true blessing for me. After two unsuccessful hip surgeries, he was able to diagnose the problem and find a way to help me. He is the most caring doctor I have ever met. He takes care of his patients and doesn’t shuffle them off to assistants, never to be seen again. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done and give him the highest marks available.

    Anonymous, Vitals.com

    Dr. Cashen is everything a Doctor should be, caring, bright and a wonderful listener. I’d strongly recommend him and his staff.

    Anonymous, Vitals.com

    I found him to be thorough and attentive, two things I admire most in doctors and after searching the area, I chose to drive to this doctor further away for experience. Thank you.

    Anonymous, UCompareHealthCare.com
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