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    Alan L. Valadie, M.D.

    Orthopedic Surgeon, Joint Replacement Specialist


    Orthopedic Surgeon


    Joint Replacement Specialist
    Regenerative Medicine

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    Dr. Alan Valadie is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in adult hip and knee reconstruction including primary and revision hip and knee replacement, as well as partial knee resurfacing. Dr. Valadie performs outpatient knee replacement and total hip replacement surgeries, pioneering this procedure in the state of Florida. He also performs complex revision of failed hip and knee replacements. Dr. Valadie focuses on minimally-invasive techniques including direct anterior hip replacement surgery. He has performed over 10,000 joint replacement procedures over his 20 years in practice. Dr. Valadie participates in the design of joint replacement implants and performs clinical research in joint replacement surgery. Dr. Valadie speaks nationally and internationally a number of topics surrounding joint replacement surgery.

    Dr. Valadie enjoys spending time with his wife and three children as well as his extended family who live locally. He enjoys being on the water fishing and diving.







    Doctor of Medicine:
    University of Florida

    Carolinas Medical Center Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

    Board Certification:
    American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

    Clinical Teaching Physician for residency training program – Blake Medical Center and Manatee Memorial Hospital

    Doctor of the Year – Blake Medical Center’s (2013)

    Chief of Surgery – HCA’s Blake Medical Center (2012-2013)

    Physician President for Coastal Orthopedics & Sports Medicine | Pain Management – 2000 to 2006

    American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery – Diplomat

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons – Fellow

    West Florida Hip and Knee Forum -Chairman

    Manatee County Medical Society – Member

    Florida Medical Association – Member

    American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons – Member

    Society for Arthritic Joint Surgery – Member

    United Health Premium Physician Designation

    Chief Resident – Carolinas Medical Center Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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    Arthoplasty – Primary & Revision
    • Knee
    • Hip
    • Partial Knee
    • Knee
    • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
    • Patellofemoral Replacement
    Outpatient Joint Replacement
    • Knee
    • Hip

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    Bradenton Herald: Identical twin surgeons blazing unique trails at Coastal Orthopedics in Bradenton, Fla.


    I had a Right hip Arthroplasty anterior approach performed by Dr. Valadie on November 28. 2016 under Spinal anesthesia. I was in the O.R. at 7:00 and was home by 2:00 pm. He also injected a local anesthetic at the injection site. Even after the spinal wore off, I was numb for 18-24 hours. I was amazed at how fast my recovery was. The whole process from the booking, lab. hospital orientation, PT was organized like clockwork. They have it down to a science.

    Ginny W.,

    Dr Avi Kumar replaced my right shoulder.  He did a phenomenal job.  Physical therapists were great.
    Dr Alan Valadie is treating my knee.  Also a fantastic doc.  I don’t hesitate to recommend Coastal Orthopedics.

    Ann S.,

    Dr. Alan and Dr. Arthur Valadie…the BEST of the BEST!

    Cheryl M.,

    I have always been afraid of having knee surgery and I said I would avoid it like the plague! So… July 8th, I had knee surgery. Fortunately, some family members had the surgery and gave me great advice. Mine was done at Blake Hospital by Dr. Alan Valadie. I was in for two nights to make sure I had enough PT for me to manage to get around at home. Occasionally, I have some throbbing but must say I have had no pain. I followed the meds religiously and kept the ice machine on my knee much of the time. They are now backing off on the use of some of the meds. I will soon be using only Ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Dr. Valadie, Rob, and Ashley, his P.A.s, the entire staff of PTs at Blake and Coastal Orthopedics, the nurses at Blake, my husband who got up every 4 hours to redo the ice machine ( a lifesaver!), give me meds, fix my meals and coffee!!…thank you so much for making this a wonderful experience. I truly would have the other one done tomorrow if needed!! One other most important factor…prayers of friends and family!! Thank you to all! I look forward to once again hiking in the woods and playing with grandsons!! August 6th update- My biggest difficulty is feeling so good that I want to do more than my knee is ready to do. If I push too hard, I do experience throbbing. So I back off and go back to what they tell me to do. Remembering that it is a process and not a quick fix helps. Thank you again!

    Kaye O.,

    I have had both hips replaced (fabulous) and my knee was put back together after a bad fall. The two Valadie brothers are both brilliant surgeons. The nursing staff are friendly and efficient. I cannot speak highly enough of my treatment at this facility!

    Lizzie B.

    I just had total hip replacement surgery with Dr. Alan Valadie. I could not give a higher recommendation. Dr. Valadie and his staff were exceptional. I had surgery at 8:45 am and was walking out (with the aid of a walker) 4 hours later. Amazing! He and his brother are the orthopedic doctors for a handful of professional sports teams. Professional sports teams who pay millions of dollars a year for their athletes always seek out the best orthopedic doctors and surgeons. As a former professional tennis player, I wanted the best surgeon with the most experience to hopefully regain the movement I lost over the last few years. I think he has performed over 8,000 surgeries. I know the experience of the surgeon really matters. Thank you, Dr. Valadie!

    Wayne S.,

    Dr. Alan Valadie replaced my knee in April ’19. This is my 2nd surgery he has performed. He is the best Orthopedic surgeon ever. I have complete trust in his ability and knowledge. Pain-free from my knee replacement. I know this is unusual but I think he had a lot to do with it. Kudos Doc, you are my hero!


    During my lifetime I have had 5 joint replacements. Two were from Dr. Alan Valadie. Five years ago he replaced my hip and on April 8, 2019, he did a full knee replacement. After both surgeries, I was pain-free. Even the knee. He kept me for 2 nights and on the third day, I could have danced out of the hospital. I know this is not the usual pain story but I believe he has a lot to do with it. He is the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever had. I highly recommend him. The entire staff including Rob his P.A. are great.

    David R.,

    Excellent and caring doctors! Dr. Alan Valadie did a knee replacement, five years later my knee still feels new! Dr. Constant treats me for pain management. He is the kindest, most caring, and gentlest man one could possibly ask for. Coastal Rocks!

    Sandy D.,

    Very personable, explains everything you need to know and explains everything very well. God bless him.


    For 2 years I suffered with pain knowing that I needed knee surgery. I researched surgeons and consulted with four in New England and Florida, three of which recommended total knee replacement. I chose Dr. Valadie even though he was 80 miles away. He was the only one who explained why I only needed a partial replacement. Because I am very active and kneel a lot this allowed me to keep my kneecap in place and to resume my activities better and faster.


    In October of 2016 Dr. Alan Valadie did a full knee replacement on my left knee that required cutting the bones to straighten my leg. I had excellent service provided by a remarkable team of professionals who are part of the “Valadie Team.” You can put yourself into the hands of this team, follow their guidance and instructions and you will be 100% happy as I am. I have not had one uncomfortable feeling of any sort in the 2.5 years since the operation for my new knee. I speak with heartfelt thank you that the Lord blessed me by having the Valadie Team replace my knee and be pain free and even free of any discomfort. It is great to have a solid, workable understanding and support!

    Donald B., Bradenton, FL

    Dr. Alan Valadie performed a total knee replacement January 28, 2019 and I could not be more pleased. Prior to the surgery I was in more pain than I was after the surgery. I researched several orthopedic surgeons before I chose Dr. Valadie. He is not only a superb surgeon he also truly cares about his patients.

    Judi A.,

    An angel on Earth! I had a bilateral hip replacement with the anterior approach. I was back to work 2.5 weeks later feeling better than I had for the past 10 years! Can’t thank Dr. Valadie and all who work with him (Rob Nixon) enough for all their kind care.!

    Megan H.,

    Dr. Alan Valadie, Bradenton, Florida. The best orthopedic surgeon bar none!!!! Dr. Valadie replaced both of my wife’s knees within the last four months. Total satisfaction in both cases, quick recovery, minimal pain, only faint scars, back in full service within a month of operations. Not only is he a phenomenal orthopedic surgeon, he is one heck of a nice guy. Very patient oriented and actively concerned in their wellbeing. If you need a knee replaced, stop looking, Dr.Valadie is your man, I promise you won’t find anyone as good let alone better. Believe me, he and his team are the absolute best.


    Great experience.


    Dr. Alan Valadie did a great job on both of my knees 17 and 14 years ago and on my husbands hip many years ago also plus their PT dept gets you into shape afterwards.

    Carol J.,

    Dr. Valadie performed a Right Total Hip Arthroplasty anterior approach on me in November under spinal anesthesia. I was in the OR by 7:00 and home by 2:00pm. He injected local anesthetic in the operative site which stayed numb for 18-24 hours. I was amazed with how fast my recovery and ability to return to normal activities was. The whole process from booking, lab, hospital orientation, PT was organized like clock work. I am a retired nurse anesthetist and was very apprehensive about being in a new place where I knew no one. I know the difference in good and bad health care. Coastal Orthopedics and Blake Hospital did an amazing job!!


    I am constantly recommending your practice to friends and family. I just wanted to say a big Thank you! to the greatest staff and to the most brilliant and caring surgeon, Dr. Alan Valadie.

    Barbara S.

    Dr. Valadie replaced my hip several years ago. This was life-changing as it restored me to an active life style. I have never had any problems with this hip since my surgery and am doing 5K races at age 73! I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Valadie and Coastal Orthopedics.


    I have already recommended Coastal Orthopedics to my brother, who was also very statisfied with the level of service provided. My knees and my health are extremely important to me, and I am extremely picky about my doctors, and especially about who I let perform surgery on me. Dr. Arthur Valadie, and his brother, Dr. Alan Valadie, are THE BIG DOGS in this town when it comes to orthopedics!!! I mentioned this to a med student during a visit to my primary doctor and he agreed with me completely!!! Hopefully I won’t need any more orthopedic work done, but if I do, Coastal will do it! And I will enthusiastically recommend Coastal to anyone I run into who needs any ortho work done. Y’all rock!!!


    I am a retired hospital CEO. I spoke to the CEO (a friend of mine) at the hospital Dr. Valadie practices as to Dr. Valadie’s clinical expertise and clinical outcomes. I also spoke to an orthopedic sales executive as to Dr. Valadie’s experitse. Both could not have been more complementary of him. I had a total knee replacement and my experience was outstanding. Dr. Valadie, his physician assistant and staff were 100% professional, courteous and attentive. The OR nursing staff at the hospital and the orthopedic floor nursing staff all said Dr. Valadie would be their chose (and they would know). I traveled over an hour to his office and it was worth it. Since I live far away I did not use their office rehab staff but one local. My rehab staff thought my rehab process was extremely good. I knew another hospital executive who had his knee done by Dr. Valadie at the same time and his experiences were similar to mine. Would have no reservations in recommending Dr. Valadie who’s practice is focused on knee surgery. Beside his obvious clinical expertise and an positive clinical outcomes he has an outstanding bedside manner, listens and spends adequate time with his patients.


    Doctor Alan Valadie, is in my opinion the best orthopedic surgeon ever. I had bilateral total knee replacement surgery on October 26th and the next day I was walking on my new knees. I had a real fear of having knee replacement surgery because back in 2004 I had my acl repaired and it was the most incredible pain I ever experienced. So prior to having my surgery, I did research to find the most competent surgeon. I chose Dr. Valadie because of his extensive experience. I am so grateful to him and words cannot express how happy I am with my new knees. My recovery has been remarkable and that is due to Dr. Valadie. I would recommend Dr Valadie to anyone considering having knee replacement surgery. He is truly a gifted surgeon.

    Laverne R., Google Review

    The diagnosis, Bone on Bone, the fix ,total hip replacement. This guy is your friend and that is the way he communicates with you. Never felt uncomfortable. Always felt confidant he could fix my problem. Two hours after surgery I was walking , I knew the pain was gone the first step I took. His therapy program had me climbing stairs after 5 days, no walker or cane and back to work in 16 days, Hip #2 14 days, no more pain! I recommend Dr. Valadie to everyone, both He and his staff were AWESOME!

    Bill C.,

    I visited two doctors before I decided to use Dr. Valadie. The best decision I ever made. The entire practice is run at the highest rate of efficiency. From day one until the day of surgery various personnel made sure that all the necessary test and paper work were done in a timely manner. Their concern for each individual patient is above all others. The surgery performed by Dr. Valadie and Rob Nixon went as smooth as can be. I would recommend Dr. Valadie an d Rob Nixon to all who need their expertise. The best Orthopedic practice in Florida

    Martin S., Sun City Center

    As a patient of Dr. Alan Valadie, Dr. Laura Ottaviani, Dr. Eric Sundberg and most recently Dr. Sara Simmons, it is with the greatest of pleasure that I am writing to say how much I treasure these exceptional individuals, each in his or her own very special way. As someone who has suffered a number of sports injuries, and having been married to a doctor, it is essential to my well-being and trust that my physicians have outstanding credentials. I am especially delighted to say that each one of these physicians is extraordinarily kind, thoughtful, considerate and very caring. They are also extremely thorough! I would be remiss if I didn’t also add that they each have a fantastic support staff. So it is I recommend Coastal Orthopedics to one and all, without hesitation!

    Barbara B. Seed, Englewood

    This is my first experience writing a testimonial but I felt compelled to share my experience with Dr. Alan Valadie and Coastal Orthopedics. My doctor in Jacksonville, FL referred Dr. Valadie as I recently relocated to the area and was concerned about finding the right surgeon to fix my hip. I suffered a fractured hip in a car accident 35 years ago and over time developed Osteoarthritis. My condition worsened and it got to the point where my hip was bone on bone and it was by far the most pain I have ever had (by the way – I have had seven Orthopedic surgeries). It was a struggle to walk much less sleep! My quality of life wasn’t quality at all! I met Dr. Valadie and his staff on March 1st, 2016 and had surgery on March 16th. I had immediate relief the first time I stood up and it has progressed favorably ever since. I took his advice and did all the exercises as instructed and added an hour walk everyday at lunch time. The results are incredible and my recovery and rehab has been awesome! I can’t thank Dr. Valadie and his staff enough. I played 18 holes of golf yesterday pain free with the exception of some bad shots! Dr. Valadie and Coastal Orthopedics rocks!!

    Mike B.

    From the initial consultation to the final visit, everything went like clock work for my anterior hip replacement. I can’t say enough about Dr. Alan Valadie and his entire staff. As a matter of fact, my wife chimed in if there were a hall of fame for Orthopedics, Dr. Valadie would be there! My outpatient surgery & recovery was not only freaking out my neighbors in Florida but was also causing much discussion with relatives in Pennsylvania and New York. I am living proof of the incredible difference of the anterior approach and would recommend anyone to discuss this option with Dr. Valadie.

    Doug B.

    Having thoroughly researched the options for a total hip replacement, I had absolute confidence that Coastal Orthopedics and Dr. Alan Valadie were the best choice. Major surgery on an out-patient basis with no hospitalization did seem a bit too good to be true. However, the entire procedure surpassed all expectations. I walked out of the surgery center with a walker about 2 hours after the operation. The next day, I walked into my favorite restaurant without a walker and was back at my desk full time. On day 3, the walker was history. On day 5, I was doing light renovation work on the house, and never looked back from there. After 6 weeks I feel ready to resume ice hockey, but with an abundance of caution will endure the mandated 10 weeks before starting again. No pain killers were ever required after the operation. Because of the efficiency and relative ease of the whole process we jokingly call it “Dr. Valadie’s drive-through hip replacement”. As the beneficiary of some amazing technology in the hands of highly skilled professionals, I am deeply grateful to Dr. Valadie and the entire staff at Coastal Orthopedics for the new lease on life!


    Dr. Valadie, thank you so much for giving my life back!


    Dear Dr. Valadie, thank you for your excellent surgical skill involved in replacing Ron’s left hip! He has had no hip pain from the moment he awoke from surgery through today and does not anticipate having any pain. God bless you.


    Dr. Valadie was highly recommended to me by friends and I was not disappointed. I was blessed to have him for my doctor. I had two partial knee replacements, one done in August and the second done in October of 2015. I am a very happy patient. I have very straight legs and no knee pain, I can walk my dog again, exercise, and do my gardening. I would like to thank Dr. Valadie for giving me my life back! I tell everyone that has trouble with their knees or hips to go and see Dr. Valadie. I highly recommend him.


    As a nurse we tend to know the best doctors and Dr. Alan Valadie is the BEST! I chose him to give me a total knee replacement, and it’s the best decision I ever made!!! He truly is the BEST!!!

    Maria Paizes,

    I went to Dr. Valadie in my search for help with a knee replacement gone bad. I had had a knee replacement done in Georgia 4 years earlier and was still in a lot of pain. After seeing 2 other doctors in Bradenton, with no help from them, I finally found help with Dr. Alan Valadie. He knew what was wrong. The replacement was too large. I’m thankful to God that I found Dr. Valadie. He is the most caring doctor that I have ever seen.


    He is a kind and understanding doctor. He answers all your questions and concerns so you can understand. I think that this is a great practice.


    Most caring and skilled doctor I have ever met.


    I am the son of a doctor and a customer service professional. Dr. Valadie, his staff, and Blake Medical Center are among the best.


    I went to Dr. Alan Valadie for a dual hip replacement (anterior) procedure. Post-op, I was and remain pain-free. I am totally satisfied with the procedure and service. I give the highest rating possible to Dr. Valadie and his staff and recommend him in the highest terms. Bilateral hip replacements are uncommon but Dr. Valadie agreed to perform the procedure which reduced recovery time. He earned the highest rating (5 stars) as my recovery and rehab were excellent. I could not be happier.


    Dr.Valadie was very courteous and fast to come to a diagnosis. He even did an x-ray and an exam to find the problem and treatment. The nurse in the exam room was very pleasant and efficient.


    Amazing outcome for my partial knee replacement. Pain was almost nonexistent and reduced to zero with a pain pill. Surgery was done as an outpatient. I walked out using a walker which I seldom used after that, and never used my cane to the chagrin of my Physical Therapist.

    Anonymous, Rate MDs

    Homerun! 2 weeks ago today I had a partial knee replacement as an Outpatient. My total experience in every imaginable category has been amazing, all with the highest accolades. Pain? On a 0 to 10 pain scale I hit the highest at 2 for a few minutes with relief to 0 shortly after taking one of the few pain pills I took. I really cannot get over how well this went. I dreaded the scheduled surgery as I had my other knee done elsewhere 8 years ago. This time was really different, all good.

    David D., Rate MDs

    The best doctor for knee surgery. He corrected a problem I had for years and did not push me into surgery. I would use him again.

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