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    Eric B. Sundberg, M.D.

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    Spine Specialist

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    Dr. Eric Sundberg is a board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in surgery of the spine, degenerative spinal conditions and deformities including scoliosis and kyphosis. He is trained in minimally invasive procedures and techniques. Dr. Sundberg graduated Summa Cum Laude from California State University in Long Beach and completed Medical School and a five-year Orthopedic Surgery Residency at Stanford University. Dr. Sundberg focuses his practice on treating patients with back and neck problems that may be the result of degenerative conditions or spinal deformities.

    Dr. Sundberg enjoys spending his free time with this wife and their two beloved dogs, Wally and Delilah. He also enjoys outdoor activities and exercise such as boating, cycling, running, and kite surfing.


    Stanford Orthopedic


    Doctor of Medicine:
    Stanford University School of Medicine

    Stanford University School of Medicine

    Orthopedic Spine Surgery Fellowship at Rush University Medical Center

    Board Certification:
    American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

    Stanford Orthopedic

    Clinical Teaching Physician for residency training program – Blake Medical center and Manatee Memorial Hospital

    Resident Consultant of the Year – Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC)

    Published Author – Published in Spine (the leading subspecialty journal for the treatment of spinal disorders), Contemporary Spine SurgeryCurrent Reviews in Musculoskeletal MedicineFoot and Ankle International (the official journal of the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society), Inorganic Chemistry (a publication of the American Chemical Society), as well as ChemComm (a journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry)

    Phi Beta Kappa – Honor Society Member

    Phi Kappa Phi – Honor Society Member

    Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
    Cervical Spine Conditions
    Degenerative Conditions of the Lumbar Spine
    • Lumbar Stenosis
    • Herniated Disc
    • Sciatica
    • Spondylolysis/Spondylolisthesis
    Adult and Pediatric Spinal Deformity
    Spine Trauma

    I had weakened damaged bones in my back, caused by a rare form of cancer. Dr. Sundberg performed surgery 12-11-16. Prior to my surgery, I was miserable, Unable to stand/sit/lay down/breath without feeling pain. 2 weeks after surgery I was back to work and riding a stationary bike. Now: 3 months after surgery, no pain, back to lifting light weights/bike riding/treadmill etc.
    63 yrs. old and feeling like new!

    H. Lowe

    I am 6 months into recovery from major back surgery performed by Dr. Eric Sunberg. I had a back fusion involving the L4-L5 discs. I had tried all other conservative treatments in addition to 4+ years of pain management, without any relief. I am very happy I had the surgery and I’m feeling better every month. It takes a full year for complete recovery, but I’m already doing activities that I could not do prior to the surgery. Dr. Sunberg is an excellent surgeon and his staff is exceptional. As good as he is, the patient has to do their part to ensure the best chance of total success. The physical therapy is essential and personal diligence to adhere to your own exercises to build on what you learned in physical therapy is so important. I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful surgeon.


    Dr. Sundberg and staff were tremendous!! I had pain in my back and down the right leg for 14 months. Dr. Sundberg fused my spine and two months later I am walking 5 miles a day with no pain!! Thank you!!

    Gary M.,

    I suffered with sciatica pain down both legs for One year. I tried all the conventional therapies from physical therapy to acupuncture with poor results. All of my pain was gone immediately post-surgery after Dr. Sundberg Replace the disk at the 04 L5 level and did a laminectomy. I’m two weeks postop with no pain except the usual discomfort following surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Sundberg.

    Shea J.,

    My experience with Dr. Sundberg, his (Physician Assistant) Kristen, & staff at Coastal Orthopedic was absolutely phenomenal. Through testing & other procedures, I was diagnosed with cervical stenosis. The pain radiated from the top of my right arm to my fingertips. Hearing the word “surgery” was devastating. This was my first major surgery. The fear of such a delicate & precise surgery was daunting. I had my surgery in December 2019 & the experience from pre-op to post-op went so smoothly it was truly a miracle…absolutely no pain. Dr. Sundberg & Kristen were absolutely fantastic. Kristen was very accommodating & patient in answering all my questions. I never felt that I was being rushed. I put my trust & faith in Dr. Sundberg who I consider a miracle worker. I highly recommend Dr. Sundberg to anyone who has similar spinal-related issues.

    Donna C.,

    My entire surgical experience has been absolutely stellar. First of all he is surrounded by an outstanding team. His MPA, Kristen Riley is amazing, as well as all others associated with his support team. Never was there a moment of worry. Responses for questions was prompt. Concern for my well-being was obvious, and Dr. Sundberg’s kind and gentle ways are only exceeded with his excellence as a skilled surgeon. I’m taller, straighter and a much happier person who is pain free thanks to Dr. Eric Sundberg.

    Linda S.,

    Dr Sundberg is Top Dr for Spine! Wouldn’t trust anyone else!………He has fixed my neck and low back! Thanks Dr!

    James S.,

    Dr. Sundberg is an amazing dr. I was in severe back and leg pain for years. Dr Sundberg performed spinal fusion surgery and now I am completely pain free. I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone. Everyone who works there is friendly and accommodating. Thank you so much for everything you have done.

    Cathie H.,

    Dr. Sundberg is very professional and up-front about your back issues and the procedures necessary to correct them. He is surrounded by a staff of exceptional people. He explains step-by-step what the procedure (MIS-TLIF) is and how it’s performed. During the final pre-op review, his assistant, Kristin Riley provided the final details prior to the operation and was very informative. One day after the procedure I was up and walking with the help of the physical therapist and hospital staff. It’s been 12 weeks since my procedure and I am back to walking 3 miles per day and riding the recumbent bike. If you have major back issues, I would highly recommend that you see Dr. Sundberg at Coastal Orthopedics as soon as possible.

    Frederick C.,


    Dr. Sundberg turned my life around with the 2 spine surgeries I needed! I pretty much laid in bed for 3yrs on heavy pain meds after 5 top Dr from Tampa to Sarasota looked at my MRI’s and Cat Scans, all couldn’t find anything wrong, Well Dr Sundberg looked at the same ones and after about 20 mins of studying them, he turned to me and said well what do you want to do first? I said what do u mean 1st?, he said well your neck has 3 bad disc’s and your low back L2 is shot, so I knew something was wrong because of all the pain I was in. Well, I’m grateful to Dr. Sundberg @Coastal Orthopedics, they are the BEST and I have a life again today, Thank You Dr. Sundberg & Coastal orthopedics, I’m grateful to you for giving my life back, because, I was 24hrs a day in bed but not anymore!

    James S.,



    Dr. Sundberg did surgery on May 3, 2019 for a herniated disc on my siatic nerve. I had never had so much pain like I had. But my surgery was a success and my 6 weeks of therapy has been so helpful. I can’t thank his whole team enough for my care.


    Dr. Sundberg and his entire staff are so very courteous and helpful. I had a herniated disc which caused horrible pain. Dr. Sundberg did surgery and after 6 weeks of therapy and I am doing so good. I can’t thank every one of the people who helped me so much.

    Ruth H.,

    I would like to thank Dr. Sundberg and everyone who assisted in my back surgery. It is so nice to be out of pain. And my physical therapy was so helpful. A special thanks to Luke, Steven, and Kailey.  I highly recommend Dr/ Sundberg and Coastal Orthopedics. I always felt like the therapist and everyone was concerned about my wellbeing.

    Ruth H.

    Well, life is good now! I really want to say thank you Dr. Sundberg for your caring and surgical talent! My spine fusion you did in January 2019, is pain-free today and my ACDF you just did 2 weeks ago is doing great and I don’t need much for the healing pain. I’m sure this too shall pass, I just hate this neck brace!

    James S.,

    Dr. Sundberg is a great Spinal Surgeon. Thank you!


    Dr. Sundberg has been my Neurosurgeon for the last 5 years or so as I have arthritis and spine issues. He has done 2 surgeries on me and although the outcome on one was not quite what I hoped, he did everything possible to make sure I had the best outcome possible. The 2nd surgery was just 6 weeks ago and has been life-changing! Dr. Sundberg is excellent at working with you to determine the best course of treatment and is not quick to do a procedure that is not in your best interest. When he does a procedure it is with the utmost care and mindfulness that he wants the best outcome for you and will do what is needed to assist in that. I have complete trust in him and his abilities and will continue seeing him for any further spine issues down the road. Thank you, Dr. Sundberg!!


    My surgery was done on January 28, 2019, by Dr. Sundberg. It was a low back fusion. I am doing great since about two weeks after, it has just been getting better all the time! I am very grateful to his talent and team, it all about the artist! He is the best!

    James S.,

    I am very pleased to have found Dr. Eric Sundberg and the resources of Coastal Orthopedics. After exploration and testing of a number of options, and addressing realistic expectations, Dr. Sundberg and I made the decision for back surgery under his care. The process is successful. Today, I am free of pain and with targeted physical therapy, well on the way to improved mobility and balance. I found Dr. Sundberg and the Coastal Orthopedics staff to be involved, compassionate and supportive of my goals every step in the decision and recovering process.

    Donald. S.,

    Dr. Sundberg performed ACDL surgery on me and I couldn’t be happier with the results. From my first appointment to my last follow up, he and his staff were very professional. Would highly recommend him to anyone needing this type of procedure.


    Dr. Sundberg performed ACDF surgery on me and the results were terrific. After experiencing unbearable pain, I had the surgery and haven’t had any problems since. I have the utmost confidence in him and would recommend him to anyone who has to have this type of surgery.


    Dr. Sundberg is the best surgeon ever! He has an amazing bedside manner! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing spinal surgery. I had the pleasure of also dealing with his PA Kristin. She is truly a remarkable person, very caring and knowledgeable.

    Naomi R.,

    Dr. Sundberg is not only a gifted spine surgeon, but he also has a terrific bedside manner. He explains everything very well. In late February of 2019, I had a 2 stage 4 level fusion and laminectomy. Now, 2 months later, I feel great! I barely need to take pain medication anymore.

    Linda MG,

    I highly recommend Dr. Sundberg and his staff. I had a severe degenerative disk that was causing multiple problems and pain. Dr. Sundberg fused two vertebrae that relieved the problems and pain. Dr. Sundberg is very professional, a skilled surgeon that exhibits great care and compassion to his patients.

    Sean B.,

    Dr. Sundberg diagnosed my back problem quickly and sent me to the pain management doctor. I believe he is very knowledgeable and explained answers to my questions. He is a professional. I didn’t need surgery he said. And the last option for me would be surgery yet isn’t recommended as it may cause a domino effect with other issues. I appreciate his honesty very much. He can be trusted to give you proper direction.


    After spending seven hours having back surgery with Dr. Eric Sundberg I can only say, ” THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK.” Previously I had spent years dealing with lower back pain, periodically wearing a back brace when necessary, along with taking various over the counter pain relief medications. I have always been very active playing golf, exercising daily, yoga, walking, etc. Over the years it had become harder and harder to do these things and the pain was increasing in spite of back injections, pain management, physical therapy, etc. Even though I was terrified of having the surgery I can only say Dr. Sundberg covered every aspect of what he was going to do and how my recovery would progress. He outlined everything every step of the way and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone who needs back surgery.

    Judith O.

    Dr. Sundberg is an excellent surgeon. Had excruciating lower back pain for weeks. Thanks to his great skill and care, I am back on my feet and doing well!

    Michael N.,

    Dr. Sundberg did a very good job on my surgery. He took my pain away which  I had for a couple of years. I can walk without pain. So Thankful!

    Jean M.

    I knew immediately when I stepped out of bed the day after my surgery that my chronic leg pain was gone thanks to Sundberg’s surgical skill. My recovery at “The Joint Center” at Blake could not have been a better experience. Thanks Dr. Sundberg and Coastal Orthopedics for restoring my ability to walk without pain.

    Steve W.

    I suffered with severe spinal stenosis pain for many years. I tried several forms of treatment with minimal temporary improvement. When I felt desperate enough I reluctantly saw Dr. Sundberg. He was very thorough in explaining what the surgery entailed and the recovery process. I had the procedure 5 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The pain associated with the stenosis was gone immediately! Imagine being pain-free after so many years! My only regret is that I didn’t have this done sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Sundberg, he did an amazing job. I can now start enjoying the things I love to do.

    Molly B.

    I have my surgery on 13 Aug. and have a good doctor. Dr. Sundberg did an excellent surgery. Two weeks was walking with no pain.

    Veronica P.,

    I had spinal surgery, T 11- L3, after a fall. Having osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis were complicating factors. Dr. Sundberg was very thorough, explained everything I had concerns about, and things that hadn’t occurred to me. My husband and I were very nervous since I had never had a surgery and found that Dr. Sundberg was very understanding and patient and that he had a physician’s assistant named Juanita who was also a godsend. If there was ever a time that I needed support, this was it and they were wonderful about returning calls and answering my questions. As it turns out I fell again before my scheduled date and Dr Sundberg came to see me in the ER and ended up performing the surgery that evening. I am now without pain, up and walking and very thankful he was my surgeon. I recommend him without reservation for his compassion and surgical skills.


    Dr. Sundberg’s new procedure was used in the two operations on my back fusing L3, L4, L5 and SI has brought me total pain relief after suffering for over 45 years from an injury. His skills along with the incredible care given me by the entire staff at Manatee Memorial Hospital have given me a new lease on life. They both have my thanks and my unrestricted referral to anyone with back pain.

    Mark G.,

    Wonderful Doctor/Surgeon I’m out of back pain for first time in many many years.


    As a patient of Dr. Alan Valadie, Dr. Laura Ottaviani, Dr. Eric Sundberg and most recently Dr. Sara Simmons, it is with the greatest of pleasure that I am writing to say how much I treasure these exceptional individuals, each in his or her own very special way. As someone who has suffered a number of sports injuries, and having been married to a doctor, it is essential to my well-being and trust that my physicians have outstanding credentials. In addition to their basic medical training, each one of these physicians is also fellowship trained, which is remarkable! In addition, I am especially delighted to say that each one of these physicians is extraordinarily kind, thoughtful, considerate and very caring. They are also extremely thorough! I would be remiss if I didn’t also add that they each have a fantastic support staff. So it is I recommend Coastal Orthopedics to one and all, without hesitation!

    Barbara S., Englewood

    Words can not even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Eric B Sundberg in finally after 6 years of seeing other doctors regarding the constant pain I have been in every day of my life finding the reason why. In today’s advancement in medical research, you would think that this would not happen, but for me it did. For the longest time when I was going to other facilities for care, I was starting to think this was all in my head. If other doctors would have told me sooner maybe the damage would not be so severe as it is now.

    I was going to Kennedy White Orthopedics for 2 years with constant testing and unanswered questions which gave me no explanations, just more money out of my pocket. Kennedy White offered no kind of results or reason for what was going on. I guess when a facility gets too big it is difficult for them to care about the younger residents here in Sarasota that look for answers not more pain medications to mask the problem.

    On my first visit with Dr. Eric B Sundberg, I felt for the first time in years that he was listening and cared about my situation. I was at the point of just giving up and accept that it was just something in my mind. I have always been a very active person and I realized in my past activities such as riding motorcycles, skateboarding, water skiing and running track, the damage from accidents at a young age such as busting my knee on motorcycle, hitting a fire hydrant while going down hill on a skateboard at 40mph and few hiking incidents of falling off some hills does affect you later in life. That side of me has only slowed down because not being able to handle the pain of being active any longer. Even my workouts have suffered because I can not regain my strength after working out without damage. Unfortunately, I have to be able to walk to continue to work the kind of job I do now.

    I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Eric B Sundberg for finding out within a week of seeing you the reason for my pain. Dr. Eric B. Sundberg you did in a couple of weeks what other doctors could not do in 10 years! To that I say you have a constant cheerleader and referral from me and my family for life!

    Ralph R., Sarasota

    Great experience. Dr. Sundberg delivered what he promised as well as made me comfortable and trustworthy of him and the procedure. Recommend him to anyone suffering with back pain. Don’t delay your decision as post-op is also not that hard. His staff is also very reactive, informative, and on top of things.

    Irene A.,

    OMG. Dr. Sundberg fused four discs in my back 4/29/15. I was immediately up and on my feet wanting to leave the hospital. I felt sooo great. He listens totally to what I say and responds appropriately and explains our next plan of action. I have had 5 previous back surgeries with nightmare memories and/or results. With degenerative disc disease, I am very qualified to rate his qualifications and, very importantly, bedside manner.


    Consistent, excruciating pain in lower spine. Dr. Sundberg operated on my back and pain is now gone. Still rehabbing but able to lead a normal life. A wonderful, skillful doctor who listens and explains everything that he will be doing to help my condition.

    Nancy B.,

    First visit to see Dr. Sundberg, although I have seen other doctors in this practice over the years. He was very nice and polite. Seemed very interested in my condition and what could be done to help. I will be seeing him again in a few days for a follow up appointment. I would recommend him to family and friends.


    Dr. Sundberg is prompt and courteous. He explains himself well and is understanding to patients’ concerns and is a good listener.


    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Sundberg and his staff. I was having acute neck, shoulder, arm and even pain in my wrist from a compressed nerve in my lower Cervical spine. The office was able to get me an appointment very quickly and there was very little wait time in the office. After a few XRays & an MRI, it was very clear what my problem was. After suggesting some conservative therapies, we both concluded that the long-term solution would be surgery. I am now PAIN FREE!!


    Highly recommend Dr.Sundberg. Throughout my first visit to the final check after surgery, he was by my side. When you have so much pain you just want relief and a shoulder to lean on. A compassionate man that is extremely talented in his field. I am 63 years old and able to enjoy my active lifestyle once again. Forever grateful to this talented surgeon.

    Katharine G.,

    Dr. Eric Sundberg is a fantastic spinal surgeon. He spends the time needed with a patient for prospective surgery, has excellent communication skills and compassion. The complex lower back busion (L5-S1) and connection to a prior fusion (L3-5) procedures he performed recently on my wife appear to have been done with true excellence. Coastal Orthopedics is gifted to have him on their staff.

    Roger P.,

    Dr. Eric Sundberg is the best Doctor and Surgeon I have ever had the privelege of knowing. He has been my Neurosurgeon for around 5+ years now as I have several degenerative cervical and spine issues. I had my first neck surgery in 2007 with a different surgeon (who supposedly was highly respected in his field and came highly recommended from numerous sources). That had been my first encounter with a surgeon in my life and until then I had been pretty healthy and active, so I did my best to ask all of the questions you would think to ask of your first surgery. Not only did he downplay the surgery itself as one that would be completed as an outpatient, but he literally told me that after I healed from my surgery in approx. 6 weeks I could go back to doing everything I wanted to do….exercising, jumping out of planes, etc….(he actually said that). Not only did my surgery keep me in the hospital overnight (thankfully!), but the recovery was quite difficult and painful and I developed an infection as well as started to go backward in the healing process…all of which I reached out to the surgeon to get his help with and his assistant refused to get him involved so I had to get help from other sources. I literally only saw him 1 time during recovery and that was to release me. When I needed to have surgery again for another level in my cervical spine I knew more at that point and did alot of research before finding Dr. Sundberg. From day 1 I knew I would be in good hands when he told me that my symptoms had not worsened enough to go through the surgery and have it help me as much as it could. What I wanted to hear? Not really, but I understood what he was saying and we decided together to keep monitoring it and we would evaluate it again later. When it was finally time to have the surgery in 2016 he did everything possible to ensure the outcome was as good as could be under the circumstances, and even just minutes prior to going in he sat with me and told me he was still unsure if doing 3 levels would be too much at one time. After asking me my thoughts we decided together that he would make the final call while he was in there and in the end he decided to not do the 3rd level yet. Knowing I will have to go in again down the road isn’t really what I wanted, but it turned out he was right in doing it that way because later in the recovery process I developed some difficulty and most certainly I would have been much worse off had he opted to do all 3 at that time. I have since had to have another procedure that Dr. Sundberg performed after complications from the same procedure another doctor performed, and I had a much much better outcome with Dr. Sundberg. His bedside manner is amazing and his sincerity is greatly appreciated. Spine issues are complicated and the recovery process can be very difficult and painful, but his experience and knowledge in being able to do everything possible to ensure his patients receive the best outcome is second to none. My 2nd cervical surgery had a very much different (better!) outcome than the 1st performed by my first surgeon. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Eric Sundberg if you have spine issues and need a surgeon. I can’t recommend him (and his ENTIRE staff) enough!! From your first appointment with him until the day you are released from his care you will get the best care available, feel heard, and actually feel like you are a partner in your health care instead of a number. Thank you so much Dr. Sundberg!

    Kim A.,

    Dr. Eric Sundberg and his whole team, to include the staff at Coastal Orthopedics East Surgery Center, we’re amazing. I went to Dr,. Sundberg after researching his credentials and found them to be outstanding. He has a very gentle and caring demeanor. Recently I experienced increased and severe neck, shoulder, tricep, forearm and even wrist pain on my left side. My left hand tingled constantly as if my hand was asleep. After XRays and an MRI it was clear that my nerve was impinged at the Cervical vertebral level of C6-7. We discussed conservative therapies, but I knew the long term solution would be surgery. I had surgery yesterday at their surgery center and it was very, very successful. ALL OF MY PAIN IS GONE. There is only a little discomfort from the endotracheal tube, but that should resolve in a little while. Thank you Dr. Sundberg!!!

    Philip S.,
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