John W. Harkess, M.D.

Joint Replacement Specialist

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    John W. Harkess, M.D.

    Orthopedic Surgeon, Joint Replacement Specialist


    Orthopedic Surgeon


    Joint Replacement Specialist

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    Pointe West
    Coastal Center (SR 64)

    Dr. John W. Harkess is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in total joint replacement surgery. He has a special interest in hip and knee replacements. He completed his fellowship in lower extremity reconstruction at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, Calif.



    Dr. John W. Harkess, M.D. Total Joint Replacement Surgery


    Doctor of Medicine:
    University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center – 2011

    University of Tennessee – Campbell Clinic, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery – 2012

    Lower Extremity Reconstruction at Scripps Clinic – 2017

    Board Certified

    American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery – 2019

    Medical Student Research Fellowship – Arthritis Foundation, New York Chapter

    Total Knee Procedures
    • Total Knee Replacement (Total Knee Arthroplasty)
    • Partial Knee Replacement (Unicompartmental Knee Replacement)
    • Computer Assisted Knee Replacement
    • Makoplasty (Robot Assisted Partial Knee Replacement)
    • Customized Patient Specific Knee Replacement (Visionaire)
    • Knee Arthroscopy Including Partial Meniscectomy
    • Knee Tendon Repairs
    • Revision Knee Replacement Surgery
    • Knee Infection Treatment
    Total Hip Procedures
    • Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery
    • Posterior Hip Replacement Surgery
    • Revision Hip Replacement Surgery
    • Makoplasty (Robot Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery)
    • Hip Tendon Repairs
    • Hip Infection Treatment
    Fracture Surgery
    • Hip Fracture Surgery (Partial Hip Replacement and Surgical Fixation)
    • Wrist Fracture Repair
    • Ankle Fracture Repair
    • Patellar (Kneecap) Fracture Repair
    • Forearm Fracture Repair
    • Leg (Tibia) Fracture Repair
    • General Fracture Repair

    As Dr. Harkess states, 4-6 weeks recovery totally true and back to my old self, make that new self, my new hip is feeling great.


    Dr. Harkess replaced two of my hips within a four-month period. He is an amazing doctor. Recovery time was minimal within three weeks I was able to walk without the assistance of a walker or cane. Dr. Harkess is very professional but also very compassionate. I recommend him to anyone who needs hip replacements. His staff is also wonderful.

    Mary D.,

    Dr. Harkess is patient and knowledgable. He did a revision on my knee. It works so much better than the other. I also broke my Femur and my old artificial knee popped out and broke my Femur. My whole leg was shot. I wish I had him do my first set of artificial knees.

    Ruthann O.,

    My husband had knee surgery with Dr. Harkess and is now starting therapy here and all I have to say about the entire Coastal Orthopedic services is simply outstanding! And I don’t just refer to the doctors but the entire staff!! A big thank you to locations SR 64, Pointe West, and Lakewood Ranch! He has quite the journey still ahead but I’m confident with the helo of Coastal he’ll be good as new in no time.

    Rosaura R.,

    Dr. Harkess did a great job with my hip replacement. I’ve had 3 joint replacements before this and this was the best of them all. From the anesthesia to the healing of the incision everything went very smoothly and I healed very quickly.

    Gloria P.,

    Dr. Harkess is amazing. I’m on my 3rd knee replacement. He did number 3. I tripped over my cat and my artificial knee popped out and broke my Femur. I was in so much pain and knew this was serious. He fixed my broken leg and did a revision. I won’t lie, rehab was tough. But Dr.Harkess was involved in every step. He cared that much. I must tell you my 3rd knee is so much better than my first two. I have a lot of scar tissue problems and number 3 is 10 degrees better than the other 2. Any knee replacement is a tough recovery, but I hear about these people that breeze right through it. That sure wasn’t me. I called his office and talked to Saun, Dr. Harkess’s DA it seemed every day in my first week out and she is amazing as well. My point, they are clearly there for you AFTER! I pray I only see them at the grocery store and never again in the office. I recommend Dr. Harkess enormously.

    Ruthann O.,

    Total knee replacement is not an easy process…challenging both physically and mentally. Dr. Harkess is a skilled surgeon, demonstrating his expertise in an encouraging, compassionate manner. Always the consummate professional, he has provided support throughout this arduous process, alleviating fears and apprehension. I would recommend Dr. Harkess without hesitation.

    F. Peck,
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