What Is A Rehabilitation Specialist?

Rehabilitation specialists take in pride being able to help patients regain their normal lifestyle after a traumatic incident, injury or a substance abuse situation.

These individuals are trained in healthcare and assist in the recovery of these patients. This may include counseling or physical therapy.


Rehabilitation specialists attend trainings in order to better assist patients. These seminars focus on recovery, psychiatric rehabilitation, trauma, substance abuse and cultural competency. They may also include injury recovery and physical therapy. In addition, these specialists attend additional trainings in order to stay current in the fast-changing medical world.

After an injury, rehabilitation specialists help to link individuals to community resources and various support systems to promote community integration.

Area of Work

Rehabilitation specialists assist patients in their recovery from physical injuries or mental illness. Their end goal is to return the patient to the activities of their everyday life.

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, social workers and vocational counselors are specialists in rehabilitation.

Dealing with Patient Injuries

Patients seek physical therapy after an injury to regain strength in their muscles and tendons. Rehabilitation specialists help patients regain mobility and range of motion through controlled exercises and physical training activities. They oversee the patient’s everyday activities for a period of time to ensure that no further injuries come up.

Rehabilitation specialists promote physical adaptation and independence by teaching optimal conservation of physical energy. They also assist the patients by teaching them to cope with barriers at home.