What Is Sports Medicine?

Have you ever wondered what exactly differentiates Sports Medicine from other branches of medicine? Sports Medicine is the study and practice of medical principles related to the science of sports, physical fitness in general, treatment and prevention of injuries related to these activities.

The popularity of sports and exercise medicine has only recently emerged as a distinct branch in the health care. Some of the areas related to the medicinal science of sports include:

Sports Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

Sports Injury Prevention

Exercises and Workouts

Sports Nutrition

Sports Psychology


A sports medicine specialist is an individual who has specialized in education and training on the medical therapeutic aspects of sports participation and physical activity. Individuals who specialize in this field aren’t necessarily classified as a physician. Individuals can acquire a Bachelor, Masters or Certificate program in sports medicine.

Physical Therapists & Sports Medicine

If anyone is considering a career in sports, especially medicine and sports, being a physical therapist is regarded as one of the most rewarding occupations.

Physical therapists are, and will continue to be in a very high demand in the health field. Physical therapists treat a variety of injuries and specialize in the care and treatment of sports injuries as well. These therapists will attend to people with injuries from an active life, recreational athletes and even professional athletes. This course of study usually requires a 4-year degree, but some schools also offer an entry-level Master of Physical Therapy program.

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