October 6 – 12 marked PA week but here at Coastal Orthopedics, we are celebrating our dynamic and dynamite team of physician assistants all month long. These team members are an integral part of our surgeons’ teams, helping with pre-operative planning, surgery assistance, suturing, post-operative care, and much more.


“Our PA’s are crucial to the overall patient experience here at Coastal, in that they allow our physician team to be more efficient. With advanced medical skill sets and superior customer service mindsets, our PA team saves our physicians time and helps tremendously with patient care. This allows us to serve our patients better, which is always a main goal,” said Dr. Steven Schafer.


At Coastal Orthopedics, we are fortunate to have 16 physician assistants: 3 male and 13 female. This team of medical professionals has graduated from medical school with a combination of clinical courses, labs, and multiple rotations in which they’ve worked with a variety of specialties for weeks at a time and are all board-certified.


Additionally, one advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNPs) on the Coastal team works directly with our pain management doctors to shorten patient visits, manage care, and assist in many different areas.


All physician assistants are required to be state licensed, and we are extremely proud that our team goes above and beyond to solve problems, ensure proper care, work well under pressure and exhibit care and compassion for our patients. If you are a patient with us, you’ve likely met one!


“I am incredibly proud to be a member of the PA team at Coastal Orthopedics,” said Holly Stump, who has worked at Coastal with Dr. Steven Schafer for 11 years. “It is extremely rewarding to assist our patients in many different aspects, be an important part of their medical team and help ensure their experience is as pleasant as possible during times that can be stressful and sometimes intimidating for the entire family. If I can ease that stress even just a bit, it is a fulfilling experience.”