Sports Medicine

Why Coastal Orthopedics for Sports Medicine

Athletes, sports enthusiasts, and physically active people are especially susceptible to orthopedic injuries and conditions. The physicians at Coastal Orthopedics in Bradenton, Florida are the Suncoast’s recognized authority on sports medicine. Our sports medicine specialists are experts in both surgical and non-surgical treatment for sports injuries.

In addition to treating injuries, Coastal Orthopedics wants to help you prevent injuries from recurring and improve your performance. From evaluation and treatment to rehabilitation and return to play, our sports medicine doctors will provide you with a seamless continuum of care whether you have a shoulder and elbow injury, hand and wrist injuryhip and knee injury or foot and ankle injury.

How can Sports Medicine Help Me?

Sports medicine physicians are trained to restore function to patients who are suffering from a sports injury. At Coastal Orthopedics, we have a team of professional board-certified sports medicine physicians that can expertly get any athlete back in the game.

What is the Benefit of Seeing a Sports Medicine Physician?

We want to help athletes improve their game. Athletes training for the season tends to jump into doing more reps, adding more miles or training harder. When you don’t take proper precautions, you increase the risk of a sports injury and being on the bench for the season.

While there are many recourses to help athletes boost their performance, there is one reliable resource: sports medicine at Coastal Orthopedics.  Learning to take better care of your body and prepare for your focused athletic activity will help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a professional athlete or sports enthusiast, sports medicine is extremely valuable for maintaining your health and upping your game.

Some other benefits of sports medicine include:

Getting back into the game fast is important to all athletes. Rehabilitation is a crucial part of our sports medicine We offer physical therapy to compliment your regime of training. We can offer recommendations for exercise, proper stretches, balance, strength training and more.

Rehabilitation is never the only focus of sports medicine. Preventative care can help you train your body and teach you how to minimize the risk of any sports injury.

When you know how to keep your body healthy for performance, you can get better results.

Sports Medicine Injuries

diverse caual adult basketball team stack hands befor breaking huddleCoastal Orthopedics treats many sports medicine injuries:

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